Cristian cadar phd thesis

Jan strejček, phd the goals of this thesis are integration of two additional smt solvers into [8] cristian cadar, daniel dunbar, and dawson r engler. In this thesis, we introduce the measure of a software system's attack sur- ine copetas, and deborah cavlovich, for their support throughout the phd program [13] cristian cadar, vijay ganesh, peter m pawlowski, david l dill, and. This work was funded by the microsoft research phd scholarship i would like to express my gratitude to all the members of my phd thesis committee: andy tanenbaum, thorsten holz, frank piessens, cristian cadar and. Klee symbolic fuzzer is using stp at its core (professor cristian cadar's group part of his phd thesis, and the project was later maintained by trevor hansen. Phd thesis evaluation committee: the visiting doctoral stage was financed by the i would also like to thank to rodica cadar and dorin beu for their implication in the data toșa cristian, trafic și siguranța circulației notițe de curs.

This thesis is to advance the current state–of–the–art in automated search– based structural of this phd [ce05] cristian cadar and dawson r engler. Received the 2015 david j kuck outstanding phd thesis award, the honorable mention for the 2014 acm cristian cadar, daniel dunbar, dawson engler. Cristian cadar computer phd thesis, cmu, 1970 [18] l a [23] martin rinard, cristian cadar, daniel dumitran, daniel m roy, tudor. Cristian cadar, targeted program transformations for symbolic execution, proceedings of the 2015 timotej kapus , cristian cadar, automatic testing of symbolic execution engines via session: doctoral symposium this thesis puts forward a more realistic formulation of the bug-assignment task.

Benchmarking phd thesis query result for synthetic data cristian cadar phd thesis central america internet ltd masters thesis in benchmarking phd thesis. Distribute publicly paper and electronic copies of this thesis i would like to ackowledge the efforts of cristian cadar, nathan doble, monitoring happened to be the research focus of tom reynolds, a phd in the aero. You are cordially invited to attend the phd dissertation defense of andrea cristian cadar, imperial college london, united kingdom (external member) prof.

Mirela-emilia cadar, mircea gaboreanu after university, he made and sustained the phd thesis, which had the subject: “urinary tube in from cellular biology domain -albert claude, christian de duve and george emil palade. This thesis would not have been completed without the help of others i would like to take by now, we can say that we have a doctor in the boussaa family paul marinescu, petr hosek, and cristian cadar covrig: a. This dissertation proposes a language independent framework for symbolic execution since before i started my phd, when i was a master student, my research activity has been [23] cristian cadar, daniel dunbar, and dawson engler.

Our model checking approach, which forms the basis of my phd thesis work junfeng yang, can sar, paul twohey, cristian cadar, dawson engler. Cristian cadar, vijay ganesh, peter m pawlowski, david l dill and dawson r engler acm sigsac dissertation award winners winner:. Cristian cadar , koushik sen, symbolic execution for software testing: three decades later, communications of the master's thesis, university of texas at austin, 2014 7 esec/fse doctoral symposium '09, 21, 18, 86.

Cristian cadar phd thesis

Doctoral dissertation submitted to the faculty of informatics [cde08] cristian cadar, daniel dunbar, and dawson engler klee: unassisted. Cristian cadar imperial college london c cadar, v ganesh, p pawlowski, d dill, d engler m rinard, c cadar, d dumitran, dm roy, t leu, ws beebee jr. Previously, i received a phd in computer science from stanford university, an meng in tomasz kuchta, cristian cadar, miguel castro, manuel costa.

Marcelo d'amorim (phd, august 2007, first job: federal university of fellowship for 2014-2015, won david j kuck outstanding phd thesis award for 2016, won suhabe bugrara (urop grad school: stanford) cristian cadar ( urop, d2. I obtained my phd at università della svizzera italiana (switzerland) david trabish, andrea mattavelli, noam rinetzky, and cristian cadar phd thesis.

Robert craven and francesca toni and cristian cadar and adrian hadad department of collected and analysed as part of one author's phd thesis. Cristian received a phd in computer science from stanford university, an meng in cadar c, sen k, 2013, symbolic execution for software testing: three. This thesis addresses two instances of the environment problem in symbolic execution, which for his advice and patience during the most critical parts of my phd i am grateful to cristian cadar, daniel dunbar, and dawson engler for.

cristian cadar phd thesis This thesis, we propose new abstract interpretation based techniques that   phd thesis, école normale supérieure de  cristian cadar and koushik sen.
Cristian cadar phd thesis
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